Air Grease Gun, Air Operated Grease Gun (Pneumatic Grease Gun)

  • 360° Rotating and continuous flow transparent air grease gun kit
  • 360° Rotating and continuous flow transparent air grease gun
  • 360° Rotating and continuous flow air grease gun
  • Continuous flow air grease gun
  • Single shoot air grease gun

Suction provides various air-operated grease guns with high quality and durable service time to make lubricating more efficient.
They can be applied for many industries like farm, windmill and car applications….

What kinds of air grease gun that we provide?
Pneumatic grease guns can be roughly divided into the following categories:
Capacity: 400c.c. (14oz.) and 500 c.c. (16oz.)
Flowage: continuous flow and single shot
Tube: Transparent tube and steel tube

How much grease can our air grease gun deliver?
For continuous flow air grease gun, it can deliver at least 3.5cc per second.
Single-shot air grease gun can deliver 29cc(1oz) per 40 strokes.

What is the range of air source of grease gun?
※ Air Source Range
Input pressure: 60 psi ~ 150 psi
Output pressure: 2400 psi ~ 6000 psi

※ Recommended Air Source
Input pressure: 90 psi
Output pressure: 3600 psi

What is our air grease gun featured with?
Our air grease guns are featured with many aspects. Depending on the needs, user can easily finds what suitable for.
(A) Transparent air-operated grease gun- user can easily identify the remaining grease in the tube to determine if it is required to refill.

(B) A-508series- A-508 series are all equipped with rotating handle design for user to easily prime the grease in the narrow or odd space.

(C) Smart air released valve- It can apply to all our series of air grease gun and help user to purging air pocket out fast and easily.

Where can be air grease gun applied?
Air grease gun can be used in many areasand industry only with suitable air coupling and air compressor by your side.
Since it is powered by air, it is more labor saving than manual grease gun.