18V Lithium Battery Power Cordless Grease Gun

Suction model AE-900 battery-powered grease gun saves user’s time on lubricating or maintaining.

What is our grease gun featured with?

Equipped with versatile two-speed design(High speed Low pressure/Low speed High pressure).
Sometimes, there will be the clogs caused by grease and it’s hard to drain it out by low pressure.
Then user can switch to the Low speed and high pressure mode.
By high pressure and stable output, the clogs can be easily removed.
Soon after, user can change to the High speed Low pressure mode to soon refill the grease to protect equipment or machinery fromheavy repairing cost.

Featured with high pressure 42 inch nylon hose with anti-drop cap, user can easily maintain the machinery at hard-to-reach area.
Tube Holder and the grease gun provide a stable, three-point stance to keep the tool upright.

Sometimes users are required to maintain the machinery up in the sky.
It is hard for people stay balance, hold the grease gun and maintain with two hands in the same time.
In this moment, the strap plays a major part in it.
Users can prime the grease without holding the gun and hose.
By carrying the gun by their side, user only need to hold the hose onto the nipple, then done.

How much time would it take for charging one battery?

From 0-100%, it only takes 45-50 minutes to fully charge the battery.
I fully charged battery can deliver up to 9 cartridges of grease with high pressure mode.
When the battery is fully charged, it would be auto-cut-off to protect battery and for safety reason.
Some area won’t get enough light for user to see things clearly.
The built-in LED light can help finding the corresponding nipples in dim environment.
In addition, if there is no action within 10 seconds, the LED will automatically turn off to save more power.

Why is our grease gun a reliable choice for user?

To keep grease gun more durable and safer for user to operate, the cordless grease gun feature with below two protection device.

1. Released valve (Protection Device Mechanism)
Low Speed: activates pressure up to max. 8,000psi
High Speed: activates pressure up to max. 6,000 psi

2. Power-off circuit protection device
Low Speed: activates pressure up to 9,500 psi
High Speed: activates pressure up to 9,000 psi

There is also a safety lock to prevent user form accidentally press the trigger.

Where can our grease gun take advantage?

18V Lithium Battery Power Cordless Grease Guns provide a reliable way for user to increase productivity and save money on repairment.
It can apply to any industry(Automotive, construction, transportation, bicycle, heavy machine, aero ….), any area( farm, factory, workshop…)

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