Pistol Grease Guns, Pistol Grip Grease Guns

  • Pistol type mini grease gun.
  • Pistol type mini 4pc grease gun.
  • Pistol type standard grease gun.
Suction offers pistol-grip guns of various capacity and design. The pistol-grip guns are durable and reliable. They help the mechanic deliver the right amount of lubricants at the right point. Our pistol-grip grease guns can be held in a horizontal or vertical position and therefore are easy-to-use. Pistol-grip grease guns from Suction include:
Standard pistol-grip grease guns: A-480S, A-480LS, A-481S, A-481SC, A-481LS, A-481LSC, A-488NSC, A488-NLSC
Mini pistol-grip grease gun: A-200, A220-4PC, A-210
Professional pistol-grip grease gun: AU-485NLSC, AU-485NSCSuction offers 8 models of standard pistol-grip grease guns, including the 2 patented A-488NSC and A488-NLSC two-way operation pistol-grip grease guns. Our standard pistol-grip grease guns have handles of different designs. The standard pistol-grip grease guns, except the patented A-488NSC and A488-NLSC, have a rigid spout. The patented two-way operation pistol-grip grease guns combine one-hand and two-hand operation in one grease gun and give the mechanic more flexibility in application. They also feature a flexible hose made of nylon.Suction produces mini pistol-grip grease guns featuring a rigid nozzle spout and double filling with 120 c.c. bulk / 3 oz. cartridge loading. The A220-4PC model also includes A-220 mini pistol-grip grease gun, a 9” high pressure nylon hose and a metallic straight spout (A-403B) in the kit. A-220 mini pistol-grip grease gun is lightweight and has a two-direction outlet design. It can be used in a narrow spaces and ideal for DIY, automotive, industrial, farm, and marine applications.

Our AU-485NLSC and AU-485NSC professional pistol-grip grease gunsfeature a pistol grip lever, which adds comfort and makes efficient pumping. The ring at the end of the inner lever hooks the outer lever for compact and easy storage.