Oil Suction Guns, Suction Guns

  • Standard oil suction gun.
  • Mini type oil suction gun.
  • Dual transfer oil suction gun.
  • Jumbo oil suction.

Suction guns provide a fast and clean method for removing and filling non-corrosive oils such as oil in gear cases, transmission oil, and other applications and therefore can be used for transmissions, differentials, gear cases, clutches, and crankcases, etc.

All suction guns from Suction are equipped with a flexible hose. The large T-shape plunger rod handle at the end helps a firm grip and easy filling. Suction produces various types of suction guns, such as standard, mini, jumbo, and dual transfer. The jumbo suction gun has an extra metallic bent spout. Our dual transfer suction gun features a lightweight aluminum tube and a V-type reversing valve that allows for a simple transfer of oil from one container to the other.

Our suction guns also feature a double-lipped precision follower, which provides sure seal and eliminates fluid bypass for maximum suction and discharge. Easy to disassemble, clean and replace parts makes our suction guns a long lasting tool.

We produce suction guns with a capacity of 500 c.c. (16 oz.), 200 c.c. (6.7 oz.), and 1000 c.c. (32 oz.)